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Health insurance is typically a core component of the employee benefits package offered by many financial institutions Hong Kong. This is because enticing the best staff to work for you is a competitive matter, and is often more than just a matter of salary.

For major banks and leading hedge funds a way to gain a keen advantage over the rest of the market is by hiring the best workers. A comprehensive corporate health insurance policy can be a means to that end while ensuring that staff are able to focus solely on their jobs and not worry about their healthcare.

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Coverage for Finance Industry Health Insurance

There are an array of coverage solutions and options available to businesses, and all of these can be viewed by clicking Corporate Health Insurance Coverage Solutions.

However, not all of these benefits will be particularly applicable to businesses in the Financial industry so we’ll explore a few that could be:

Global Portability and Worldwide Protection

Money flows worldwide, and consequently financial businesses may exist (or have need to do business) in many countries around the world. An attractive benefit of a finance health insurance policy is the ability for a single plan to provide international protection – in every country around the world.

This means that no matter where your employees may go, or which office they may be stationed in, your company is able to ensure their comprehensive medical security no matter what. Because of this, even if an employee should be relocated to a new country, the existing plan will continue to cover them.

This streamlines HR operations and ensures that the organization as a whole is able to focus on its core mission.

Learn more about corporate health insurance coverage areas by clicking the link.

Coverage of Pre-existing Medical Conditions

One of the major benefits of a company health insurance policy is the availability of coverage for pre-existing medical conditions. This means that all pre-existing conditions are able to be insured under the policy, where normally they would be excluded.

This benefit is known as Medical History Disregarded, and is normally available to companies with 5 or more employees. MHD is only available to groups, and is an extremely attractive benefit to find on a medical insurance policy from the perspective on an employee.

For more information please click Corporate Pre-existing Condition Cover.

Employee Wellness BenefitsMany group health insurance plans will provide comprehensive wellness benefits. This can be important to both employees and employers.

With wellness benefits on a health insurance policy, employees are able to ensure that their health is always up to standard, and allows them to fully concentrate on the duties of their job by receiving access to annual wellness assessments and vaccinations. Healthy and happy employees will lead to higher production and stronger bottom lines.

A wellness benefit on a finance company’s health insurance policy can add to the plan’s premium, but will generally pay dividends in the form of the employee’s productivity.

Free Finance Company Health Insurance Consultations

If your company is in the financial industry and are interested in either obtaining a new corporate health insurance package, or benchmarking your current policy, simply Contact Us to speak to arrange a free, no-risk, no-obligation consultation with an expert Corporate Insurance Broker.

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