Newborn Child Insurance in the UAE

CCW Global can provide comprehensive New Born Child insurance plans to expatriates in the United Arab Emirates and across the Middle East.

UAE health insurance plans with a newborn child benefit are designed to protect your child against the costs of healthcare in the event that the infant is born with a serious medical condition. Additionally, New Born Child health insurance policies are able to offer guaranteed lifetime insurance coverage to newly born children – giving parents the assurance that their children will have the comprehensive coverage needed, for the rest of the baby’s life.

A New Born Child Coverage Benefit is usually available in addition to the purchase of a UAE Maternity Insurance Policy.

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Baby Born Into Existing Plan

The first way to obtain New Born Child Insurance coverage for your unborn baby is to have the infant born into an existing UAE health insurance policy.

A number of major international insurance companies offer this option to expatriate policyholders in the Middle East, and will allow a child to be born into an existing health insurance policy; immediately accessing the full range of cover offered under that plan.

However, it is important to note that, depending on the insurer you choose to purchase your plan from, a waiting period may be applied before you are able to have your child born into the policy. While CCW can offer UAE health insurance plans which allow for new born children to be born into a plan with no waiting period, it is more common for a waiting period of approximately 6 months from the start of the plan to occur in relation to this type of cover.

This means that, depending on your insurer, you must have held the policy for more than 6 months before your child is able to be born into the plan. If the child is born before you have been on the plan for 6 months, then you may be able to achieve a Free Benefit, otherwise you will have to purchase a new and separate policy in order to receive insurance coverage for the infant.

Free Child Benefits

Many UAE medical insurance companies will offer a Free New Born Child Benefit under the plan’s maternity coverage.

If a free benefit is offered then your new born child will receive a pre-determined amount of health insurance coverage under the parent’s plan. However, once the limits of the free benefit (either time limits, or financial limits) have been reached, a new application must be made to the insurance company in order for the bay to receive continuing insurance protection.

The issue with a Free Benefit can be seen in relation to Pre-existing Medical Conditions. Once the Free Benefit period is over, any medical conditions the child may suffer from will be considered “pre-existing” upon the subsequent application for continuing coverage.

While this is a cost-effective solution for UAE parents on a budget, it can be extremely risky in the long run, especially if the child develops any medical conditions whilst in utero.


Free Newborn Child Insurance Quotes in the Middle East

If you would like to receive a free quote for a UAE health insurance plan which includes New Born Child Coverage Benefits, simply complete the short form on this page. Once you have submitted your quotation request an expert CCW insurance broker will contact you with a detailed comparison of all the options best suited to your specific coverage requirements.

Additional details about our quotation process can be found by clicking UAE Health Insurance Quotes.

If you have any additional questions about New Born Child insurance options in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or the greater Arabian Gulf, or if you would like to learn more about the international health insurance plans offered by CCW Global, please contact us today.

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