Global Inpatient Health Insurance

Inpatient insurance coverage is the most common form of global health insurance protection found across the world.

Most global health insurance policies will start with inpatient coverage and allow you to build your plan from there; however, it is very rare that a plan does not provide inpatient protection.

This means that any global medical insurance plan will most likely provide inpatient coverage. Knowing this it is then your choice as to whether you’d like to receive inpatient-only protection, or continue to add additional coverage benefits to your policy.

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What is inpatient healthcare and why do you need health insurance coverage for it?

Inpatient medical treatment is generally defined as any healthcare which requires you to spend one or more nights in a hospital.

While this sounds simple it should be understood that inpatient medical treatment is often the most expensive healthcare a person may ever receive in their entire life. Basically, if you get sick enough to go to hospital then the costs associated with your treatment will likely be many times greater than all of the outpatient bills you have ever paid in your entire life.

So how does an inpatient health insurance policy help you?

This type of plan will protect you against the costs of your treatment if you require medical care on an inpatient basis. That is to say, if you go to hospital for a serious illness or injury your inpatient health insurance policy will cover the costs of your care.

This is particularly important as the cost of healthcare is increasing around the world at an incredible pace. Latest studies put the increase of inpatient medical fees at around 11 Percent per year. This means that already high fees at the very best hospitals across the world are set to rise even further in the coming years.

As such, in the event that you suffer from a serious illness or accident which requires intensive treatment at a hospital, unless you are adequately covered by a comprehensive global inpatient health insurance policy you may be forced to cover the costs of your medical treatment out of pocket.

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As previously stated an inpatient health insurance plan is designed to protect you against the costs associated with healthcare where you have to stay overnight in a hospital.

In most cases this includes all aspects of your hospital stay, including:

  • Semi Private or Fully Private Hospital Rooms
  • Ambulance Transportation Costs
  • Surgical, Anesthetic and Operating room fees
  • All medicines and medications you require while an inpatient
  • Intensive care facilities and charges
  • Diagnostic Testing Fees, including X-Rays, CAT Scans, and MRIs.

While the specifics of inpatient health insurance coverage will change depending on the International Insurance Company you choose to work with, all of the policies provided by CCW Global will provide extremely high protection against the costs of your medical fees should you require hospitalization.

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Have you considered a deductible?

A deductible is the amount which you may elect to contribute to the cost of your healthcare. It is not necessary to have a deductible on your policy, but doing so can help you lower your overall global health insurance premium.

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Which Countries do you require coverage in?

CCW can offer global health insurance policies which provide worldwide coverage. A single plan can protect you no matter where in the world you may go. However, we also have options for more targeted coverage, limiting protection to a single country or geographical region. This can be a great way to achieve significant premium savings.

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Will you require any additional coverage benefits?

While inpatient protection is important, CCW can provide an extensive range of additional types of coverage in addition to inpatient insurance. Common types of protection which are generally a good addition to an inpatient health insurance policy include Emergency Evacuation Insurance, Outpatient Health Insurance, and even Dental Health Insurance.

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