Global Health Insurance Plans

A Global Health Insurance plan from CCW Global is the best way to protect your health, the health of your loved ones, and even the health of your employees anywhere in the world.

We can provide flexible and comprehensive solutions for all your health insurance needs on an international basis. The extensive coverage options we work with ensure that you are able to obtain a Global health insurance plan which is specific to your exact needs; giving you peace of mind that, should anything happen to your health while you are outside of your home country, you will have the protection you deserve.

Our global medical insurance policies have a number of benefits which are not commonly found within the international insurance industry. Plans we work with are normally Guaranteed Renewable for Life, will often provide Worldwide Coverage, and will usually enable you to receive medical treatment with your choice of doctor or hospital.

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Types of Global Health Insurance Policy

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Individual Global Health Insurance Plans

Individual Global Health Insurance is the perfect way to protect yourself against the costs of healthcare anywhere in the world.

At CCW Global we have an extensive range of high quality international health insurance plans designed especially for expatriate and local individuals around the world. With an array of comprehensive coverage benefits on offer, we can help you to tailor your global health insurance plan to provide the exact levels of protection which you require, giving you peace of mind that no matter what happens you will always have the security you deserve.

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Family Global Health Insurance Plans

If you are overseas with your family it can often be a challenge finding the best medical insurance policy to cover all of you.

With unique offerings designed specifically for family medical protection, anywhere on earth, a global family medical insurance plan can provide protection for the many costs of family healthcare. With coverage for Maternity treatments, preventative healthcare and vaccinations, and even the possibility of a discount on your premium with each child you add to the plan, with a global family health insurance policy from CCW Global you have access to some of the most flexible and extensive coverage benefits available on the entire international health insurance market.

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Global Group Health Insurance Plans

CCW Global is a leading group health insurance company, helping groups, companies, and business of all shapes and sizes find the risk management and group health insurance solutions which best meet their unique requirements.

With the ability to tailor our global group health insurance policies to meet your specific needs, including the option to provide different levels of coverage to employees and group members of different seniority, and through the utilization of advanced corporate benchmarking methods, we can help to implement quality solutions which will have an immediate impact on your employee satisfaction and corporate growth.

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Global Travel Health Insurance Plans

If you are planning on being outside your home country for a short period, but are still concerned about your health and receiving healthcare while you are overseas, then a global travel insurance policy from CCW is a great solution.

Designed to provide protection for travelers who will be taking trips of 1 day to 1 year in duration, a global travel insurance plan can provide an array of benefits to help ensure that your journey goes smoothly. From deductible free treatment, protection for loss of baggage, and to benefits which can include maternity treatment, our international travel insurance options have you covered.



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