Making and Submitting Claims

The purpose of a Global Health Insurance plan is to protect you against the costs of medical treatment you may receive. In the event that you receive healthcare treatment and are seeking reimbursement or payment of the costs of that treatment, you will need to submit a claim to the insurance company.

Claiming for treatment you have received is one of the most important aspects of a global health insurance plan, and you need to be secure in the knowledge that your insurance company will be able to quickly settle all claims and provide speedy reimbursement to either the you or your healthcare provider.

All of the international insurance companies which CCW Global works with have proven themselves to have exceptional claims handling processes. As a broker CCW is able to choose which insurance companies we work with and we choose only to work with companies which have a proven record with handling claims.

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Inpatient Health Insurance Claims

In the event that you require Inpatient Medical Treatment and you know about your treatment in advance of going to the hospital, you will usually need to complete a Treatment Guarantee Form prior to being admitted to the medical facility.

A treatment guarantee form is used by the insurance company to ensure that the treatment you will be receiving is covered under the policy, and will allow the provider to confirm payment of the treatment with the healthcare facility directly.

In an Emergency Situation it is often not possible to complete a treatment guarantee form. In the event of an Emergency you, or someone close to you, should contact the insurance company as soon as possible after you have been admitted to hospital in order to confirm payment of the bills.

Should the insurance company be unable to directly settle the hospital bill in an inpatient emergency situation then it will be necessary for the policyholder to settle the bill with the hospital and submit a claims form to the insurance company for reimbursement of their expenses.

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Outpatient Health Insurance Claims

Outpatient treatment claims are normally settled by the policyholder, who will then submit a claim for reimbursement to the insurance company.

However, CCW can provide comprehensive Global Health Insurance plans which include extensive direct settlement networks for outpatient medical treatment. If your plan allows for direct settlement at the doctor’s office, simply present your policy details at reception and the insurance company will settle the bill directly with the provider.

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Reasons for Denied Claims

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Incomplete Documentation and Claims Paperwork

doctor’s receipts, a medical statement if requested, and even fully completed claims forms are essential if you are to receive a speedy settlement of the claim.

A good idea is to make a copy of all the documents you have submitted to the insurance company so that you can provide backup documents in the event that the originals go missing or get lost in the mail.

CCW will help assist you at every step of the claims process and help to ensure that you have provided all the necessary documentation for a successful claim.

Pre-existing Medical Conditions

re-existing medical conditions will normally be excluded from coverage under a global health insurance plan unless as otherwise specified by the insurance company providing your policy. 

If you make a claim for the treatment of a pre-existing medical condition which is not covered by your policy, or if you attempt to claim for a benefit but have not yet completed the Waiting Period associated with that benefit, then your claim will normally be rejected.


Get Health Insurance Claims Advice and Free Quotes

If you would like to learn more about how to claim on your global health insurance plan, or if you have a specific question in relation to the claims process, please Contact an expert advisor to speak with us today.

You can also request a free global health insurance quote by completing the short form here. More information about our detailed quotation comparisons is available at Our Health Insurance Quotes.

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