Global Health Insurance Coverage Limits

When you purchase a global health insurance policy you want to be assured that your plan is in a position to provide you the comprehensive coverage you need, should you ever need it.

This is why CCW Global Insurance chooses only to work with Global Health Insurance policies which will provide an extremely high level of protection. This gives you the peace-of-mind knowing, should you ever suffer a severe accident or contract a serious illness that your global medical insurance plan will be able to provide you with the protection you deserve.

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A Global Health Insurance Coverage Limit, also known as a policy’s Overall Maximum Benefit is the amount of coverage which you are able to receive under the policy.

The limits associated with global medical insurance plans from CCW Global will provide you with an extremely high level of overall coverage; we can offer plans which give you coverage from up to US$5,000,000 per year, and others which have no limit on the protection you receive, enabling to seek unlimited medical treatment over the lifetime of your policy.

However, it is important to note that, even with a global health insurance policy which provides Unlimited Coverage, there may be sub-limits which accompany the specific coverage benefits included on your plan.

Types of Global Health Insurance Coverage Limits


Per Condition Coverage Limits

In the event that your international health insurance plan includes a Per Condition Limit then this is the total amount of coverage which you will be able to receive for each individual medical condition you may develop over the course of the policy.


Annual Coverage Limits

An Annual Limit is the total amount of coverage you are eligible to receive each policy year whilst enrolled on your global health insurance plan.

In the event that your Global medical insurance policy includes an Annual Limit then you will be capped at that amount for all claims you may make during the year. Claims made in excess of the annual limit may not be accepted by the insurer.

However, an Annual Coverage Limit will reset each year you hold the policy. Every time you renew your plan, you will renew the cover – enabling you to receive the full Annual Limit each and every year you are protected under the plan.


Lifetime Coverage Limits

Should your Global Health Insurance plan include a Lifetime Coverage Limit then this is the amount of protection you may receive under the plan over the lifetime of the policy. A Lifetime Coverage Limit is firm; once this type of limit has been reached no further coverage will be available under the plan.

While Lifetime Coverage Limits are usually very high, there is a real concern that you may run out of cover under the plan should you develop a severe and long-lasting medical condition. Although LifetimeLimits are rare, if this type of limit is included on your Global Health Insurance plan then there can be real consequences to your choice of policy.

Please Contact Us to speak to one of our expert international health insurance brokers to learn more about any of the coverage limits illustrated above, and to find out how these limits will potentially impact you.


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