Vietnam Health Insurance Plans

CCW Global is able to cater to all expatriates in Vietnam.

We offer a number of health insurance policy options that cater to the specific needs of different demographics. With policy options available for individuals, families, and groups (or companies), we understand what you need from your health coverage while you are overseas.

Whether you want to access the Vinmec International hospital in Hanoi (or anywhere else in the country), or the Colombia Asia International Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, our international health insurance options will ensure that you will always have the care you need when you need it.

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Types of Health Insurance in Vietnam

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Individual Vietnam Health Insurance

Individual Health Insurance is perfect for an expat flying solo in Vietnam. With annual plans or short-term travel options available, you have the option to select from in-patient only catastrophe coverage or more comprehensive extended benefits. Tailored options, like Coverage Areas and Deductibles, give you the customization tools you need, to ensure that your health is always protected – no matter if you’re in Vietnam or somewhere else in the world.

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Family Vietnam Health Insurance

Family Health Insurance policies in Vietnam are designed in much the same fashion as individual plans, but will also factor into consideration the needs of family units. Every day doctor’s visits, maternity care, vaccinations, yearly wellness checkups, are all benefits which would normally be offered by an international health insurance family policy in Vietnam.

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Group Vietnam Health Insurance

Group health insurance policies in Vietnam are the culmination of both individual and family plans. With the most extensive range of benefits on offer, and the most flexible level of customization options, Group Plans can normally be obtained for non-related groups of 5 or more. A perfect tool in a growing company’s employee benefits package, group health insurance in Vietnam gives your employees the assurance that their health is protected worldwide.

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Vietnam Health Insurance Quotes

If you would like to learn more about health insurance plans in Vietnam, or if you would like to speak to one of our expert international health insurance brokers, please Contact Us. Alternatively, you can complete the short form on this page to request a free comparison of the Vietnamese health insurance options which may best meet your specific requirements.

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