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Expacare Global Healthcare Assistance and Insurance

Expacare has been in business for over 35 years, making it one of the world’s longest established global health insurance providers. During this time, the international healthcare market has changed considerably but Expacare has remained consistent, continuing to provide their clients with the level of cover they both need and deserve.

Expacare and the personal approach

Expacare is dedicated to providing truly personalized services and interacts with policyholders on an individualized basis. Part of this business philosophy can be seen with the ease in which customers are able to contact the exact person they need to speak to, whether it is for a claim or general policy administration.

Offering a range of Global Health Insurance products for a wide range of needs and budgets, Expacare is one of the most flexible international insurance companies currently in operation. An example of the innovation which is being offered by Expacare can be seen in the bespoke coverage options which the company has created specifically for small and newly formed businesses, enabling business owners to attract and retain vital talent from formation.

Furthermore, as part of Expacare’s tailored approach to quality employee benefits packages for groups, the company realizes that no two organizations are exactly alike. As such, Expacare is able to offer bespoke group medical insurance solutions for groups of more than 30 members, and can offer modular solutions designed to be customizable for groups of 5 or more members including the coverage of pre-existing medical conditions.

No matter whether an individual, family, or group client, policyholders of Expacare plans are allowed the freedom to choose where they receive their medical treatment, selecting any medical facility or hospital which you would like to receive your care with. If a policyholder is unsure of where to go in order to receive vital medical assistance, the 24/7/365 Expacare claims team can help to locate and access the best hospital or treatment facility for specific conditions.


Free Expacare Global Health Insurance Quotes

If you would like to receive a free Global Health Insurance quote from Expacare please complete the form on this page. Once you have submitted your quotation request an expert CCW Global insurance broker will contact you with a detailed comparison of the Expacare products best suited to meet your specific healthcare requirements.

You can also Contact Us directly to learn more about the coverage options available from Expacare or any of the other global health insurance companies which CCW Global works with.

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