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26 February 2013

Cooper Claridge-Ware Offers Innovative Global Golf Insurance Plan From RBI Premium

Cooper, Claridge-Ware (CCW), a leading International Insurance Broker Headquartered in Hong Kong, has revealed an innovative new Global Golf Insurance product supplied by RBI Premium called Total Cover.

The Policy is provided by a customizable Golf Shirt which, when worn, gives comprehensive Hole-In-One cover and is also able to offer On-Course Personal Liability Protection, in addition to Medical Cover for On-Course Incidents. The customer is able to receive free insurance coverage with the purchase of their Golf Shirt.

Manufactured by leading Golf Apparel Supplier, FENIX, the customizable Golf Shirt can be branded by policyholders with a personalized logo. This is a unique offering in the International Insurance Industry and offers great opportunities for the branding and promotion of Tournament Sponsors, Travel Companies, Corporations, and Individuals on any course they are playing.

From Pebble Beach to St. Andrews and beyond, the RBI Premium/FENIX Golf Insurance Plan from Cooper, Claridge-Ware provides global protection on all Golf Courses under a single policy. Golfers wearing their FENIX Total Cover Shirt obtain Hole-In-One Protection, up to US$ 200 per occurrence for Clubhouse Drinks, and Third Party Liability Coverage up to US$ 16,750 per policy year.

The shirt also includes the addition of Medical Protection for On-Course medical conditions up to US$ 6,500 per year, meaning that the RBI Premium/FENIX Golf Insurance plan is a flexible and innovative product and should be considered by all Golfers around the world.

Sam Cooper, Managing Director of Cooper Claridge-Ware, said of the RBI Premium/Fenix Total Cover Golf Insurance Policy “As well as a quality Golf Shirt this innovative golf insurance product has comprehensive levels of cover, especially for the level of premium that is charged.”

Rory Blair of RBI Premium, added “It is the perfect branding opportunity for Corporate Golf days combined with affording golfers the level of cover they require in the increasingly litigious environment that we live in”

Cooper, Claridge-Ware is continually adding increased coverage options to the company’s product portfolio in order to provide a greater range of choice to customers around the world. The ability to distribute the RBI Premium/Fenix Total Cover Golf Insurance plan is the latest addition to CCW’s increasingly innovative global insurance plans.

Cooper, Claridge-Ware Limited is a member of the Hong Kong Professional Insurance Brokers Association (PIBA), Membership Number 0533. CCW is a bespoke international insurance and risk management brokerage with a service mission to blend tradition and technology in order to provide the highest quality international health insurance and global life insurance services to customers around the world.

View the full release at PRWeb.com.

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